Behaviour Management Game


I was asked by a teacher if I could create a behaviour management game to help encourage the students in his classes to follow the College ‘rules’ and model his own expectations. It was a game that needed to cater for high school students, be engaging and focus on behaviours.

After much discussion we came up with something loosely based on Monopoly. Similar to Monopoly where you have Chance and Community Chest, I created a Chance and a Commendation square. Both of these squares had cards that had both positive and negative consequences that mimicked the set expectations. For example: ‘You arrived to class early and were organised – move forward 2 spaces.’ ‘You were talking while the teacher was speaking – miss a turn.’

The game was a huge success within the classroom with students in the upper year requesting for it to be used within their classes also.

Program used: Illustrator


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